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No additional dependencies except Python 2.7/3.x interpreter are required.

Preferable way is to download tarball with the signature:

% wget
% wget
% gpg --verify pygost-3.15.tar.xz.sig pygost-3.15.tar.xz
% xz -d < pygost-3.15.tar.xz | tar xf -
% cd pygost-3.15
% python install
VersionDateSizeTarballSHA256 checksumStreebog-256 checksum
3.152018-12-0954 KiBlink sign930C4DAB 580F43A6 D2D32560 A77B877D 0C88F4F6 421307AA 36B7132F 04F8EA892d0742c70d76fceb20ac7db750dea5337b7584a0ae938a289c46ee9945439eb1
3.142018-12-0349 KiBunavailable
3.132018-12-0349 KiBunavailable
3.122018-11-0544 KiBunavailable
3.112018-09-2144 KiBunavailable
3.102018-06-2344 KiBunavailable
3.92018-05-0544 KiBunavailable
3.82018-04-3044 KiBunavailable
3.72017-12-2443 KiBunavailable
3.62017-11-2843 KiBunavailable
3.52017-08-2543 KiBunavailable
3.42017-08-1943 KiBunavailable
3.32017-06-1141 KiBlink signD118F539 537CCD5D 9CCE850E DD8EFD8E ACDA9D6E 0C113A0F C575574A F4BD452A8400a3714b70dddfef03f6fe96325e73ac25db814d052a44dbd8f2ce5ddb05bb
3.22017-06-0441 KiBlink sign6779D1B1 A4E2B1C3 49CA39F8 425FC962 AF2ED133 BB495343 0F83764B E26240870a39880ad00ca11d112fef096b81a42a85ce4e5b25c48d1f643858b1e0c520d6
3.12016-11-2839 KiBlink signACCCF1A9 F4B345FF 01595248 5B793DAC FCF71D1F 32A6ABCF 32042DDB 20897BC5823961b6c2a1abe83f6d828397002e68d711a08ce115f21ddff81a294882cd46
3.02016-11-2139 KiBlink sign0AB10703 6960962D 30BD1646 ACC8D44B E9CBD8A8 4F25DF25 91F26383 DE28875Fef4729df62b4f615a154a9c35ccffaf6bb614a23067f4dd49d2993ec93bb6665
2.42016-10-1337 KiBlink sign94D14E99 3CF63973 6C8E78D0 5EBD0838 09A47624 C05A9878 11136301 C0A07264b107b5ba043a2e4c30d9348e222b92218b8dff9d672964ffd04259c5261bc5a7
2.32016-10-0437 KiBlink signFF2C7E78 F3677B45 EB472DC6 1837C72C 0BD72387 AB0A9DC7 AD88AD11 5958973242cfd0cdf357997a909a9114ca14391b4c5e8b62e298675f899b80a8a26d690f

But also you can use PIP (no authentication is performed!):

% pip install pygost==3.15

You have to verify downloaded tarballs integrity and authenticity to be sure that you retrieved trusted and untampered software. The GNU Privacy Guard is used for that purpose.

For the very first time it is necessary to get signing public key and import it. It is provided below, but you should check alternative resources.

pub   rsa2048/0xE6FD1269CD0C009E 2016-09-13
      F55A 7619 3A0C 323A A031  0E6B E6FD 1269 CD0C 009E
uid   PyGOST releases <pygost at cypherpunks dot ru>

You can obtain development source code by cloning Git

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